Jacqueline Lopez is a healthy lifestyle event organizer and organizer for this event.

This event focuses on a healthy lifestyle, and is organized by Jacqueline Lopez.

Jacqueline’s life-partner, Michael, was diagnosed with two types of cancer, and the stress from the diagnosis and the ensuing traditional medical approach was taking a toll on their family’s health and well-being.

In 2017, Michael’s health hit lows that made living a normal life nearly impossible.

In desperation, they sought out ways to cope with side-effects of treatments by sourcing most of their nutritional needs from plants. This led Jacqueline and Michael to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
They dropped meat, dairy, alcohol and most carbs from their diet.

They raided the pantry, tossing out all processed foods. Now, they visit the farmers market twice a week and restock with fresh vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. They have taken control of their health by taking charge in the kitchen.

Knowing the source of your food is tremendously empowering.

Because of this new awareness, Jacqueline was inspired to produce the Plant Food and Medicine Event to create a free, local forum where people can learn from each other and share their experiences with local and seasonal food.

The daunting task of cooking healthy meals requires commitment. Planning is fifty percent of what it takes to turn something seemingly insurmountable into a habit.

Jacqueline’s unique perspective is a result of the entrepreneurial skills she developed throughout her career being combined with a bigger and deeper view of humanity and the world. As a speaker, she inspires everyone to question what they have been told by society, to commit toevolving as conscious beings, and to form their own opinions.

Living an environmentally sustainable life on planet earth, for her and her partner, means living in a way which shows appreciation to our humanity, our home, and those who share it with us. As a species, we are at a turning point in our evolution, and must embrace the pressing need to end the mass production of food that makes us ill.

They are not standing on a soap box saying that everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan; instead, they believe in a wholly NEW lifestyle – one that involves regularly connecting with nature, the elimination of news-media in our lives, as well as entertainment loaded with violence. Their system has changed many lives for the better; if you approach it with an open mind, it has the power to change yours as well.

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Together, we can change the face of medicine and what it means to heal.

Plant Food and Medicine is a one day festival showcasing a full spectrum of healthy lifestyle, featuring plant-based nutrition and healing, the environment, local artisans and wellness.