Your serum pH, which is the measure of your blood’s acidity or alkalinity, is a vital indicator of your health, and it is affected by diet. Certain foods alkalize your pH (mostly fruits and vegetables) and other foods acidify it (animal proteins and grains). This should not be confused with acidic foods, like citrus fruits, which are alkalizing once digested.

Today we’ll review the negative impact of serum acidification on your bones and the 12 foods that alkalize your serum pH thanks to their high potassium content.

Chronic Acidosis Is The True Cause Of Osteoporosis

When your body’s serum pH becomes acidic for an extended period of time, natural buffers are depleted, so the excess acid is neutralized with alkalizing minerals, such as calcium, found in bone. While this corrects a potentially dangerous acidic state, it also leads to a decrease in bone density. In fact, a chronically acid pH is the true underlying cause of osteoporosis.


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Top 12 Foods That Contain Potassium To Alkalize Your pH

Top 12 Foods That Contain Potassium To Alkalize Your pH


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